会议室:山东大学(青岛校区)环境科学与工程学院淦昌苑E座(K5楼)403&408 (从学校西门进入)
Meeting Rooms: Room 403&408, Building K5, Block E, Ganchang Yuan,
School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shandong University, Qingdao, Shandong (Entering from West Gate)

Address : No. 72, Binhai Road, Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, 266237(山东省青岛市即墨滨海路72号)

山东大学青岛校区坐落于青岛市即墨区鳌山卫镇,是山东大学在青岛设立的一个校区。山东大学(青岛)于2016年9月24日正式开学 ,由济南、威海、青岛三地共八个校区组成的“山东大学系统”形成, 并使山东大学成为中国地区最大、系统相对最完善的高校,将成为我国教育界一大创新型分布高校,也将带动山东大学进入全新时代。为创建世界一流大学迈进。 现有政治学与公共管理学院、法学院、信息科学与工程学院、计算机科学与技术学院、生命科学学院、环境科学与工程学院、新闻传播学院7个学院。校园规划总用地3000亩, 教工住宅规划总用地720亩。


Attractions in Qingdao


(青岛栈桥)Qingdao trestle, also known as qianhai trestle, is located in Qingdao bay, shinan district, Qingdao city, China. The entrance is located at no. 14, taiping road.Built in Qingdao at the beginning of the construction, originally for the military terminal.After the reconstruction in the early 1930s, the second floor pavilion at the bridge head -- huilan pavilion was added. Since then, it has become an important scenic spot in Qingdao and gradually becomes the symbol of the old Qingdao.The pier is adjacent to Qingdao railway station and zhongshan road, the old commercial center of Qingdao. On the east side of the pier are the Chinese navy museum and Qingdao.

(青岛啤酒博物馆)Qingdao beer museum, is located in the Qingdao shibei state road, is in the national key cultural relics protection unit in Qingdao brewery early architecture on the basis of the construction of China's first with beer as the theme of the museum, at the same time is national 4 a level scenic spots, national museum, national first batch of industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration site.

(青岛鲁迅公园)Qingdao Lu Xun Park, formerly known as haibin park, was founded in the 1930s, is located in Qingdao city, shandong province, China huiquan bay seashore park.


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